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Comprehensive Outpatient Physical Therapy

Whether you suffer from back, neck, or chronic pain or need therapy for an orthopedic injury, you can get treatments that include Biofreeze, Breg braces, and other top methods and products from PT Works. 

Easing Age-Related Pain

Eliminate chronic pain and start feeling better today. With our geriatric services, you will be able to lead a more active lifestyle. Get rid of the pain and discomfort caused by arthritis and osteoporosis.

You can get postaccident therapy, shoulder, hip, knee, or ankle replacement therapy, and pain management services from us.

Top-Notch Orthopedic Rehab

If you have a sports injury, turn to our experienced physical therapists to help you get back on your feet. You will be back on the track, field, or court in no time. Come to us for various pain-relief therapies. 
  • Runner's knee and other repetitive motion injuries
  • Tears
  • Twists
  • Sprains
  • Back and knee injuries
  • Shoulder and neck injuries
Begin your therapy with us today. We also provide muscle and tendon recovery, pain management, and massage therapy services.
Physical Therapy

Recover After a Surgery

Work with our experienced professionals when you want to restore a normal level of mobility and regain normal strength after a surgery.

Rely on us for post-surgery recovery services to assist you after an injury or corrective back or knee surgeries. You can also depend on us for shoulder, hip, knee, and ankle replacement therapy.
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